Pet BackPack

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Pet BackPack

Dank Prison utilizes a custom BackPack System created specifically for Dank Prison that is unlike any other server.

Pet BackPack with Pets Example.png

Pet BackPack Info


Command Aliases Description
/petbackpack /pbp Opens your Pet BackPack

How to Unlock

  • Daily Bonus Day 26 Prize awards Pet BackPack if you do not have one already
  • You can buy Pet BackPack for 350 Vote points from the Vote Rewards Menu /vr which can be earned from /voting for the server
  • UltraDank Donator Rank includes Pet BackPack

Number of Slots

  • Everyone - 3 Slots
  • Elite Rank - 9 Slots
  • Platinum Rank - 18 Slots
  • UltraDank Rank - 27 Slots
  • PBP Purchased from Store - 27 Slots
  • PBP Unlocked Via Daily Bonus or Vote Rewards Menu - 27 Slots
  • UltraOG Rank - 36 Slots
  • Immortal Rank - 45 Slots